Since its establishment in 2014, Naqi water company has been a leader in purifying and bottling water market in Saudi Arabia, with the Naqi brand capturing share more than 10% of total market

We are therefore keen on playing a major role in the water industry, by pioneering the bottling of pure water right from the source. As such, it is our goal to provide our customers with pure drinking water, following the highest standards of quality. To provide consumers with the best quality water, Naqi water strived to keep its commitment by establishing its bottling plant in (Unaizah area), a protectorate area that is free of pollution, away from urban structures, and contains one of the cleanest sources of water in the kingdom.

During the past two years Naqi has expanded its product range with new launches in Drop water, Vitamin D water and low sodium water. In addition Naqi is planning to add new product disposable 14 liter gallon for homes and mosques

These new additions have been the result of Naqi pursuit of its corporate mission, which states: “To develop, produce and market range of nutritious food propositions for consumers of all age groups and create maximum shareholder value

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