Established in 2014, Naqi Co. has become a leading water manufacturer, seller and distributor based in Saudi Arabia. The company is one of the market leaders in Saudi Arabia in purifying and bottling water industry.

♦ Naqi has growing substantially in the last five years in 2017 Naqi transferred from being a proprietorship to limited liability company in Saudi Arabia and is planning to transferred to a public listed company in year 2021.

 Naqi factories currently produce almost 40 million carton of products per annum, its long-distance transportation trucks travel each year delivering product to warehouses , distributors, agents and customers across the KSA.

Naqi is committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality in its production processes and has received International Standards Organization (ISO) 22000:2005 accreditation for all its manufacturing facilities.

♦ Naqi natural drinking water has established itself as a true leader in the bottled water industry in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by pioneering in its natural source of water, plant, and nation-wide distribution.

♦ Away from urban structures and contains one of the cleanest sources of water in the kingdom. Naqi water strived to keep its commitment by establishing its bottling plant in (Unaizah), The plant has its own source of water ensuring purity and high quality.

It is equipped with a State-of-the-Art facility for extracting and bottling the water, using the most advanced automated filling equipment. Strict measures of quality control apply at all stages of production to protect and guarantee quality, which in turn adheres to local and international standards.

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